Saturday, April 6, 2013

Steps to Halter training Lambs

Step 1- Getting used to the Halter
  1. Catch the lamb and put a sheep halter on the lamb, they will fight it.
  2. Tie the lead to a fence post and have the animal get used to standing tied up
  3. Let stand for 15- 45 minutes
  4. After the time untied the lamb and removed the halter, and released the lamb.
  5. Do this step 1-5 times
Step 2- Starting the Halter training
  1. After the lamb is used to the halter and does not fight it.
  2. Start training it to lead.
  3. Tie lamb up for about 5 minutes.
  4. Then start trying to lead it around.
  5. One small circle or one line for first leading sesson .
  6. They like to play dead.

Final Step 3- Leading Lambs

  1. Start with a 5 minutes sesson
  2. They will get better after you do it about 2-5 times.
  3.  Repent this step 2 until they are leading.
I'll try to get a video of Halter training. I can't find a good video on youtube.

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