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Update on the lambs

Well  all the lambs are doing well. 5 of 8 tails are off. I sent my Registation in today. got to get some more pic's next week. probably friday. Got to get feed on Satursday.  Getting ready to leave for 3 days. Tuesday - Thursday. The Triplets are already a month old.  I brought myself a crook. Going to use it to put ear tags in when i get it. also got to castrate Kevin, do feet,  give the three yeariling their CDT for this year, and send in my shearing stuff so i can start shearing in April.



Shropshires are a good, middle-of-the-road sheep, medium to large in size, with dark faces and wool on the legs. They originated in central western England in the counties of Shropshire and Stafford from native stock, Southdown, Leicester, and Cotswold crosses. First imported into the United States in 1855, until the 1930's, the Shropshire was the most popular and influential breed in the country.

Called the "Ideal Farm Sheep," Shropshires were boasted to have "wool from the tip of the nose to the tip of the toes." Over the last few decades, Shropshires have evolved into a very modern and productive breed, perfect for families with youth projects.

Breed categories: medium wool, meat

Distribution: United Kingdom, Europe, North America

Breeds of Sheep

Breeds of sheep
  1. Afrino
  2. Altay
  3. American Blackbelly
  4. Apennine
  5. Aragonesa
  6. Arapawa
  7. Assaf
  8. Australian Merino
  9. Awassi
  10. Avranchin
  11. Babydoll Southdown
  12. Badger Face Welsh Mountain
  13. Balwen Welsh Mountain
  14. Barbados Blackbelly
  15. Barki
  16. Bavarian Forest
  17. Beltex
  18. Bergamasca
  19. Berrichon du Cher
  20. Beulah Speckled-Face
  21. Black Hawaiian
  22. Blackheaded Persian
  23. Black Welsh Mountain
  24. Bleu du Maine
  25. Bluefaced Leicester
  26. Blue Texel
  27. Booroola Merino
  28. Bond Border Cheviot
  29. Borderdale
  30. Border Leicester
  31. Boreray
  32. Brecknock Hill Cheviot
  33. Brillenschaf
  34. British Milksheep
  35. Brown Headed Meat Sheep
  36. Brown Mountain
  37. California Red
  38. Cambridge
  39. Cameroon
  40. Castlemilk Moorit
  41. Charmoise Hill
  42. Charollais
  43. Chios
  44. Churra
  45. Clun Forest
  46. Coburg
  47. Columbia
  48. Comisana
  49. Coopworth
  50. Cormo
  51. Corriedale
  52. Cotswold
  53. Dalesbred
  54. Damara
  55. Debouillet
  56. Delaine Merino
  57. Derbyshire Gritstone
  58. Devon Closewool
  59. Devon Longwool
  60. Dohne Merino
  61. Dormer
  62. Dorper
  63. Dorset
  64. Dorset Down
  65. Drysdale
  66. East Friesian
  67. Easy Care
  68. Est à Laine Merino
  69. Exmoor Horn
  70. Faeroes Sheep
  71. Finnsheep
  72. Gansu Alpine Finewool
  73. German Blackheaded Mutton
  74. German Gray Heath
  75. German Merino
  76. German Mutton Merino
  77. German Whiteheaded Mutton
  78. Gotland
  79. Greyface Dartmoor
  80. Growmark
  81. Guirra
  82. Gulf Coast Native
  83. Gute
  84. Hampshire
  85. Han
  86. Hebridean
  87. Heidschnucke
  88. Herdwick
  89. Hill Radnor
  90. Hog Island
  91. Hu
  92. Icelandic
  93. Ile de France
  94. Imroz  
  95. Jacob
  96. Jezersko-Solcava
  97. Kamieniec
  98. Karakul
  99. Katahdin
  100. Kelso
  101. Kerry Hill
  102. Kivircik
  103. Lacaune
  104. Landschaf
  105. Leicester Longwool
  106. Leine
  107. Limousine
  108. Lincoln
  109. Lleyn
  110. Lonk
  111. Manchega
  112. Manx Loaghtan
  113. Masham
  114. Meatlinc
  115. Meatmaster
  116. Miniature Cheviot
  117. Mirror Sheep
  118. Montadale
  119. Morada Nova
  120. Mouflon
  121. Navajo Churro
  122. New Mexico Dahl
  123. New Zealand Halfbred
  124. Nolana
  125. Norfolk Horn
  126. North Country Cheviot
  127. North of England Mule
  128. North Ronaldsay
  129. Old Norwegian Sheep
  130. Ossimi
  131. Ouessant
  132. Oxford
  133. Painted Desert
  134. Panama
  135. Pelibüey
  136. Perendale
  137. Pitt Island
  138. Polish Merino
  139. Polish Mountain Sheep
  140. Polwarth
  141. Polypay
  142. Pomeranian Coarsewool
  143. Portland
  144. Priangan
  145. Rabo Largo
  146. Racka
  147. Rahmani
  148. Rambouillet
  149. Red Engadine
  150. Red Masai
  151. Rhoen
  152. Rideau
  153. Romanov
  154. Romeldale/California Variegated Mutant
  155. Romney
  156. Rouge de l'Ouest
  157. Rough Fell
  158. Roussin
  159. Royal White
  160. Ryeland  
  161. Saeftinger
  162. Santa Cruz
  163. Santa Inês
  164. Sardinian
  165. Scotch Mule
  166. Scottish Blackface
  167. Scottish Greyface
  168. Shetland
  169. Shetland-Cheviot
  170. Shropshire
  171. Skudde
  172. Soay
  173. Solognote
  174. Somali
  175. South African Meat Merino
  176. Southdown
  177. South Suffolk
  178. South Wales Mountain
  179. Spanish Merino
  180. Spael
  181. St. Croix
  182. Steinschaf
  183. Suffolk
  184. Swaledale
  185. Swifter
  186. Swiss Black-Brown Mountain
  187. Swiss White Alpine
  188. Tan
  189. Targhee
  190. Teeswater
  191. Texas Dall
  192. Texel
  193. Tong
  194. Tsigai
  195. Tukidale
  196. Tunis
  197. Turki
  198. Tyrol Mountain
  199. Ujumqin 
  200. Valachian
  201. Valais Blacknose
  202. Van Rooy
  203. Vlaams Schaap
  204. Vendéen
  205. Voskop
  206. Welsh Mountain
  207. Welsh Mule
  208. Wensleydale
  209. West African
  210. Whiteface Dartmoor
  211. Whiteface Woodland
  212. White Horned Heath
  213. White Mountain
  214. White Polled Heath
  215. White Suffolk
  216. Wiltipoll
  217. Wiltshire Horn
  218. Wrzosówka
  219. Xinjiang Finewool
  220. Zwartbles



Docking is when the tail is shortened. Castration is when the testicles are removed or their function is inhibited. Both are routine management practices on most sheep farms in the United States and other developed countries. According to a 2002 USDA Animal Health Survey, 91.7 percent of lambs are docked and 77.4 percent of ram lambs are castrated in the United States.

Docking improves the health and welfare of sheep and lambs. It prevents fecal matter from accumulating on the tail and hindquarters of the animal. Research has shown that tail docking greatly reduces fly strike (wool maggots), while having no ill effect on lamb mortality or production. Docking facilitates shearing. Not many sheep shearers want to shear sheep with long tails. Docking makes it easier to observe the ewe's udder and detect potential problems.

Some markets (lamb buyers) discriminate against tailed lambs, since having a tail lowers the dressing percent (yield) of the lamb and removal of the tail during processing requires extra labor. On the other hand, ethnic buyers of lambs often prefer undocked lambs. For the Muslim Festival of Sacrifice, unblemished lambs are often preferred for harvest. An unblemished lamb is one that has not been docked, castrated, or had its horns removed.

Not all sheep require tail docking. Because hair sheep lambs do not have long, wooly tails, it is usually not necessary to shorten their tails. Lambs from the Northern European short-tail breeds also do not require docking. Fat-tailed sheep are usually not docked. Some producers of wooled lambs do not dock their lambs or they only dock the ewe lambs.


The easiest and most common method of tail docking is to apply a rubber ring (or band) to the tail using an elastrator tool. Banding is a bloodless method of tail docking. The band cuts off the blood supply to the tail, causing the tail to fall off in 7 to 10 days. Some producers cut the tail off before it falls off to prevent potential problems.

Banding causes some pain to the lamb, but the pain is short-lived. Pain can be reduced if a clamp is applied across the tail immediately distal to the ring. The use of a local anesthetic, such as lidocaine, can be used to reduce the pain felt by the lamb. However, this is not usually practical as lidocaine is not available for purchase over-the-counter. Only veterinarians may prescribe the use of lidocaine.

Lambs should be at least 24 hours old before bands are applied, and bands should only be applied during the lamb's first week of life. There is a law in the United Kingdom that restricts banding to the first week of a lamb's life. Though not mandated, producers in the U.S. and other countries are encouraged to follow this practice.

When bands are used to dock tails, it is very important that lambs be protected against tetanus (lockjaw), as the rubber ring creates an anaerobic (without oxygen) environment that is favorable to the tetanus organism. If the lamb's dam was not vaccinated or her vaccination status is unknown, the tetanus anti-toxin should be administered at the time of tail docking. The anti-toxin provides immediate short-term immunity whereas tetanus toxoid, while longer lasting, takes 10 days to 2 weeks to elicit any immune response.

Kaylegh's tail is off

Kayleigh's tail cme off. 5 down 3 to go.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Update on all the lambs

Here is an update on all 8 lambs.
They are all doing well. All of them have there tails docked. The triplets tails should be coming off anyday now. Have to send in my paper to get all the ewe lambs registred. need to figure out how much feed i should be feeding all 15 of my sheep. Need to make a creep feeder for the lambs. 

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lambing season is done for another year.

Lambing season is finished for another year. I ended up having 8 lambs total.  7 ewe lambs and 1 ram lamb. 1 set of Triplets, 2 sets of Twins, and 1 Single. This is the most ewe lambs I've ever had. Now I have to shear the older ewes. I'll start weaning May. 1st.

Nancy's Single girl 3-6-13.

 My last ewe lambed. Nancy had a Single. She had a ewe lamb. She weighed 16.55lbs. Named her Kathy.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rosie sheep stories

  Once upon a time there was a family that had a farm. They had 2 kinds of sheep. The oldest of the kids had her own sheep (Shropshire), and the family had a different kind of sheep (Shetlands). I’m going to tell you about the lambs, in story-like form.

As soon as I got my first 2 ewes, they escaped out of the trailer while we were unloading them. We chased the 200 pound pregnant ewes around until we caught them.  The next few days I watched the ewes to see when they were going to lamb (give birth).  I named them Bell and Barbara. Barbara had twins on Monday, March 7, 2005. She had a boy and a girl. I named them Billy and Betty. Betty didn’t get the colostrum because Barbara, the mother sheep, only had one udder that worked.  Billy drank it all, so Betty didn’t get any. We had to bottle feed her. 
        Bell had twins on Sunday, March 13, 2005. She had 2 girl lambs that I named Black-eyed Susan and Bright Eyes. Bright eyes was little and didn’t get any colostrum either. She also had to be bottle fed.

Billy and Blackeyed susan continued to gain Weight, but Betty and Bright eyes were  a different story. We had to bring betty and bright eyes into our house becuse  they were getting too cold outside while being with their mothers. We almost lost them both  a number of time  while it was cold outside.
      When they were born their twins were bigger and stronger and got the best nourishment. We’d bring them in, to warm them up and feed them, but when we put them outside they would droop.  Then we would bring them in again. We put them near the fire to keep them warm in the winter. Finally we just left them in.  We had to bottle feed them 3 to 5 times a day because they could not be outside with their mothers.  To start with we fed them 5 times a day, and then we fed them 3 times a day. While they were living inside they stayed in the laundry room in our house for somewhere between 6 to 8 weeks.  When it got warmer we took them outside. Betty always jumped onto me to get her feed or her milk bottle. We knew she was going to try to jump on me when she was bigger. After the lambs were weaned, we traded Barbara for a different ewe because she only had one udder that worked. I named the new ewe Bonnet.  I showed Billy and Black-eyed Susan in 4-H that year.
      After the shropshire ewes were done lambing, the shetland started haveing their lambs . My sisters named  all the shetlands because i had my  own sheep to name.  The first shetland ewe that had lambs that year Melody. she had twins on Friday April 29, 2005   She had a boy and a girl  that my sisters named frisky and blackfoot. I  showed Blackfoot in 4-H ,too. Then Babs had a single lamb on Thursday May 5, 2005. She had a girl. My sisters named her starbright. Then Princess had twins on Tuseday May, 10, 2005. She had a boy and  a girls My sisters named then Willy and Shadow. Snow white had twins on Monday, May 16, 2005. She had one that was stillborn. The one that lived my sisters named Twinkle. We had to help Twinkle with nursing.
      She couldn’t control her tongue very well.  We had to get milk from Snow White because we had to feed Twinkle from a bottle for a few days so she could get her tongue working. After a few day of doing this she was fine.
      Angel had lambs late that year. She had twin girls on Thursday, July 14, 2005. My sisters named them Cupcake and Buttercup. Flower didn’t have lambs that year.  We had a total of 8 Shetland lambs that year. At the end of all the lambing we had a total of 20 sheep.
     After all the lambs were born, they all loved to jump and play. Before the lambs could eat grain (before their teeth came in) they would play while their mothers ate
. They began eating grain after 10 days. They were really cute when they jumped and played in the field. They would run around the field and jump all around.
     In September 2005, we took my two ewes, Bell and Bonnet, to be bred with John Harsch’s ram, Rufis.  We left them there for about 2 months. In December the Shetlands went into heat. We kept Frisky and Willy to breed the Shetlands that year.  All the Shetland lambs were taking to
the butcher and were eaten! 

     I decided to name all my sheep with names that started with S in 
2006 so all of my lambs’ names started with an S letter that year. On Thursday March 2, 2006 Bonnet had twins, 1 boy and 1 girl. I named them Sun and Star. Star was all black and Sun was white with black head and legs.  Then Bell had twins on Wednesday March 8, 2006. She had two girl lambs. I named them Sally and Sandy. Sally died on April 16, 2006, Easter Sunday that year. I showed Sun, Star, Sandy, and Black-eyed Susan that year, I also showed one of the Shetlands.
     In 2006, the Shetland ewes went in the opposite birthing order. Angel had triplets on Tuesday, April 11, 2006. She had 2 boys and a girl. My sisters named them, Ty, Monty, and Leslie. Although she had triplets, she was a great mom, so we didn’t have to bottle feed any of them.  Snow White had twin girls on Saturday April 29, 2006. My sisters named them Cassie and Mollie. Snow White didn’t let Mollie nurse, so we had to bottle feed

     She was a dwarf and had black wool. We took her in our

house where she lived for a long time. She became a member of our family. She liked to be picked up like a little dog. She loved Patsy; she would follow her around our yard. When a big truck would come to our house she would run to meet them like a dog. One time we had to go out of town and she stayed with our friends; they got her a leash. She learned how to walk on the leash like a dog. She stayed in our yard. When we put her in with the other sheep she stayed by the fence with Lila. 
     When she was 5 months old she died. Princess had twins on Wednesday, May 3, 2006. My sisters named
them, Peter and Patricia. Patricia has all black and Peter was white with black markings. Later that day Babs had a big boy lamb. Mom had to help Babs get him out because he was so big. My sisters named him Sampsongoliath.  Melody had twins on Tuesday May, 16, 2006. She had a boy and a girl.  They named them Murlin, and Gwenavere. They both died when they were about 4 to 6 weeks old. I think Frisky bred Melody; Frisky was Melody’s kid, so I think they were inbred. Flower didn’t have lambs again.
  In October 2006, I got a ram from Mike Elsbury to breed sheep that year. I had 4 ewes to bread; the ram’s name was Beacon. We put Sandy with the Shetlands so I could breed the rest of the ewes. Sandy got pregnant by accident by Sampsongoliath, but I didn’t know it.  We kept Sampsongoliath to breed the Shetlands that year because he was so big when he was born.
      It was an N year in 2007 so all of my lamb’s names started with an N letter that year. The first ewe to have lambs that year was Bonnet. She had
triplets on Saturday February, 10, 2007. She had them while I was gone at a gym meet in Chicago. She had 2 girls and 1 boy. One of the girls died. I named the girl Nanny, and the boy Night.  On Sunday February 18, 2007 Betty had a girl lamb. I named her Nancy.  Nancy was all black.  Betty died after Nancy was weaned on Wednesday, June 13, 2007; that was a sad day. When we got home from a gym meet on Saturday, February 24, 2007 I found out that Sandy was pregnant because I found a lamb out there. It was a boy who I named Ned. He was really cute because he was a cross of a Shropshire and a Shetland. On Wednesday, February 28, 2007 Black-eyed Susan had a girl lamb. She was white with a black head and legs. I named her Nina. Nina died in May of 2008.  She got sick and I didn’t catch her in time.
     Bell had twins on Tuesday, March 13, 2007. She had one boy and one girl. I named them Nick and Nicole. They had to be bottle fed a little bit because Bell couldn’t get up after she had the lambs.
     We found out that older ewes sometimes develop paralysis of the hindquarters after giving birth. In order for the lambs to nurse, we had to make a sling to hold her up. This worked fine and we did it for a few days. Bell got back on her feet and was fine. But Nicole didn’t get enough colostrum and died a few days later.  So I had a total of 8 lambs, including the two that died. In the end, I had 6 lambs.    

      In 2007, all 6 of the Shetland ewes had lambs. Angel had triplets again on Wednesday, March 2, 2007. She had the same 2 boys and 1 girl. We didn’t have to bottle feed any of them again.   Mom had to help with the last one because he was breech. That was the day I got my braces off.  My sisters named them Jamie, Johnny, and Jimmy. Snow white had twins on Thursday, March 22, 2007. One was stillborn.  The one that lived was a girl. She was black, and then she turned into brown when she was older.  My sisters named her Dora. Princess had twins on Friday, March 25, 2007. She had 2 boys. One was a dwarf like Mollie. My sisters named them Gabe and, Gilbert. They were both black, Gilbert was brown when he got older but Gabe was black. Flower had twins on Monday April 11, 2007. She had not had lambs since 2002. She had a set of boys. My sisters named them Chucky and Earl. Chucky was black and Earl was white. Melody had twins on Monday, April 16 2007. She had one that was stillborn. My sisters named her Becky, she was black. Babs had a single on Tuesday, May 29, 2007.  My sisters named her Nonna; she was black.  We had a total of 12 Shetland lambs, including the two that died.  So in 2007 we had a total of 16 lambs and 11 ewes. So all together we had 27 sheep.  We sold Snow White, Bell, and Flower when the lambs were weaned.
     At the end of August 2007, I got another ram from Mike Elsbury, and I bought another ewe to go with him because Betty died. Since I only had 2 ewes that I could breed, I got Stacey. The ram’s name was Ivan. We kept Chucky to breed the Shetlands.
     It was an M year in 2008, so all of my lamb’s names
started with an M that year.  Stacey had her first lamb on Saturday, January 26, 2008. She had a girl. I named her Megan. We had to help her nurse because Stacey didn’t have any milk to start with. After about a week we didn’t have to give Megan any milk. Bonnet had twin girls on Tuesday, February 5, 2008. I named them Maggie, and Marigold. Black-eyed Susan had twins on Thursday, February 14, 2008. She had a boy and a girl. I named the Boy Mike and the girl Marcia. I only had 5 lambs that year, because I only bred 3 ewes. Nina died right before we come to PA to look for Houses at the end of May 2008.
      In 2008, we only had 4 Shetland ewes that got pregnant. But Melody died right before she gave birth. So we only had 3 ewes that gave birth that year.  Angel had triplets again, on Sunday, March, 23, 2008. She had 3 girls this time.  They were all white. My sisters named them
Sherry, Emma, and Zoe. After the lambs were 2 months old, Angel got sick and died. Babs had her second set of twins, on Sunday March, 30, 2008.  She had 2 boys. My sisters named them Davey and Berny. Berny was a dwarf like Mollie and Gabe.  They were both white. Princess had twins on Sunday, April 6, 2008. She had 2 girls. My sisters named them Ellie and Chrissy. They were both black. We had 12 lambs, making 20 sheep all together.
     In August 2008, we moved so I didn’t breed
my sheep that year. We sold all the Shetlands before we moved. I sold Bonnet and Nanny of my shropshires. I had 7 Shropshire’s when we moved. They stayed at Brown County until January, 2009 then we moved them all. I showed Maggie, Megan, Marcia, Nancy, and I bought a wether from Mike Hardisky to show because I didn’t have lambs.  After the fair I used one of Mike Hardisky’s Shropshire rams to breed.
     This was a seasoned ram. You had to keep your eye on him or he would butt you. He didn’t need an excuse to be mean. One Sunday morning, he was outside with all the ewes and run back in and knocked my mom down.

      It was a J year in 2010 so all of my lamb’s names started with a J letter that year.  In 2010, I had 7 ewes that had lambs. Marigold had a lamb on Sunday, January 24, 2010. I named him Jason. He was born the day that the Colts win a trip to the super bowl. He was the only lamb for 2 weeks. The day after the super bowl, on February 8, 2010. Maggie had a ewe lamb. I named her June. She broke her leg the day after she was born.
    We don’t know how it happened I just went out there and she was laying on the ground. She didn’t get up to follow her mother when I let them in to eat. I wondered what was the matter, so I picked her up then noticed her leg was
twisted. I brought her inside to have mom check it. Then we had to figure out how to splint it.
      We had to try different things because the break was in her thigh bone. First we tried pillow foam with a splint. We had to make a sling over her back to hold it up.  This still
slipped down her leg. So we tried using kotex to make it neater. This stayed in place better. She healed very quickly once we found the right thing to use.
      Later on the 8th on the same day, Nancy had a lamb she also had a girl. I named her Jolene, after my friend. Jolene
was a big black lamb. Jolene got grand champion Shropshire ewe at the fair. On Wednesday, February, 10, 2010, Marcia had a ram lamb that I named Joel. I showed him at the fair. He weighed 146 pounds.
      Megan had twin boys on Thursday, February 11, 2010. I named them Josh and Jeff. They were all black. I sold them to the Batemans to show at the fair. Megan is the only one that had twins, and she was a first year mom. Its rare that first time moms have twins they usually only has one lamb then lambing for the first time.  
     Stacey had a lamb on Friday February 12, 2010. I named her Joy.  We had to bottle feed her because she got weak and didn’t get any colostrum.  We moved her into our house. We made a little room with the gym mat. We put the fire on to keep her warm. When we thought she was well enough we took her to be with her mom. She want without eating too long. She got too cold so we brought her in again. Started grinding her teeth. That’s what happens when they get Ketosis.  The medicine for that cost $80 a gallon and didn’t come in any different sizes. We did the best we could to warm her up and keep her eating but she got too weak and died. Joy died when she was 22 days old.
 On Saturday February 13, 2010, Black-eyed Susan had a lamb. I named her Jackie. In the morning, when I want out to feed that morning, Black-eyed Susan was lying down and turning in circles so I want back to the house to get the video camera. Then I started taping it. But run out of space so I had to rewind and tape again. She came out head and front legs first. It was so cool getting to see her being born. 
    After the fair in 2010 my ewes needed to be fattened up before I bred them. So I bred them in October. I got a yearling ram from Mike Hardisky. We kept him for a long time, about 4 months. I only bred 5 this year.  
It was an H year in 2011 so all of my lamb’s names started with an H letter that year.  In 2011, I had 5 ewes that had lambs.  The first ewe to have lambs was Maggie. A day before she lambed she got a vaginal prolapse.  The day of it got worse, this is what we had to do. When I fed that morning I Notices that Maggie was Prolapsing (I found it in my sheep book) dad and I called the vet and read about it. We went to the store to buy supplies and then to the vet to get a spoon to retain the prolapse we got back and Maggie’s water bag was out. We put the spoon in after we pushed the prolapse back in. Emily Carney and her mom came over to help, they tried to get the lamb out but couldn’t. We had to wait and later dad and mom pulled the lamb out but it was dead (still born) it was a very sad day. She had a still born boy lamb on Wednesday, February 16, 2011.  We give her shots to try to keep her alive after the prolapse and hard birth but she died 6 days later on Tuesday, February 22, 2011. Black-eyed Susan had a boy lamb on Wednesday, February 23, 2011. I went out to check my ewes at about 1:30pm and I noticed that Black-eyed Susan was in labor so I brought her into the big stall and checked her every 5 to 10 minutes. At about 4:19pm I called Maggie to tell her that her sheep died. We talked for about 15 minutes then I want out to check Black-eyed Susan again. She had the lamb while I was talking to Maggie. I missed his birth by like 5 minutes. I was so mad I missed it. 
       Megan had twins again on Sunday, March 6, 2011. (We went up to New York for church this Sunday) This time she had one Boy and one girl. I named the Girl Heather (after Heather Blom) and the Boy Herman. I kept Herman as a Ram so I can use him for breeding this coming year. Later after we got back from church in the evening Marcia want into labor. I put her in the big shall and checked on her every 30 minutes.  Between 9:19pm and 10pm Marcia had her lamb. She had a boy. I named him Harry. I missed him being born again. I now only have one more ewe to Lamb.
      On Monday March 7, 2011; Nancy had her first set of twins.  She had one boy and one girl. I named him Happy and Hannah (after Hannah). I saw them both being born. Martina had Violin at Marywood and I wanted to go so I asked Nancy to wait for me until I got back and she did. After I got back at about 8pm. I went out to check her she was in the big stall came in and got myself a blanket, a chair and my video camera and I watched her. I had to get another light because I couldn’t see while I was taping. My video cameras run out of battery so I had to bring it to the house to charge. I had to wait about 2 hours. So at about 10:10pm Nancy had Happy. I had to tape it with my picture camera because my video ran out of battery. I came in to tell mom and dad that Nancy had a boy. Then I went to check again and I could see two more feet so I came in and got my video camera and taped it. At about 10:34pm; Nancy had Hannah. I was so glad I caught my last ewe giving birth. It was an Epic day for Nancy to have her lambs because it was Nancy mom’s Betty’s birthday. The day after Nancy had happy and Hannah we had to bring Happy in because he was cold and not nursing. We bottle fed him for about a week until he got some weight on him.  Then we put him with his sister and mom and he was fine. I had a total of 7 lambs but one died and I lost one ewe. I ended up just having 12 sheep at the end of the lambing season. 6 ewes and 6 lambs. I ended up showing 10 sheep at the fair. I did really well.
      On October 1st I put my 5 ewes; Black-eyed Susan, Nancy, Marcia, Jolene, and Jackie with my ram Herman to breed. This is my first year using my own ram that I have raised from a lamb. I had to wait until October because Herman was not old enough to breed yet.

     On Wednesday October 5th I took Megan to my friends Emily’s house so she wouldn’t have to skip a year of breeding because Herman is her son and I can’t bred the son with the mother. Megan is getting bred to a Suffolk ram. She will have Shropshire / Suffolk crosses. I will have about 6-12 lambs in late February or beginning of March. 
  It was an E year in 2012 so all of my lamb’s names started with an E letter that year. But the first ewe lamb is getting the Name Maggie after the Maggie that died last year. On Saturday, February 25, 2012 Marcia had a set of twins. She had one boy and one girl. The girl’s name is Maggie Jr. and she weighed 10.40lbs. The boy name is Elli, and he weighed 12.61lbs. This is Marcia’s first set of twins. And this is her first ewe lamb.
On Sunday February 26, 2012, Jolene had a ram lamb that I named Ed and he weighed 14.64lbs. I saw him being born. He couldn’t stand up after 2 hrs of being with his mom. So we brought him into the house. We milked Jolene a few days to get some colostrum for him. We made him a sling. To see if we could get him to stand. I emailed Mike Elsbury and he said give him a few days. He was 13 days old He could move his front legs but not his back. We put him to sleep because “a herd animal that can’t run or eat is a dead herd animal.”
    On Friday March 2, 2012 Black-eyed Susan had a ewe lamb. That I named Email.  She weighed 13.88lbs. This is Black-eyed Susan’s 4th single lamb. She has only had 1 set of twins (which are Marcia and Mike).

  On Thursday March 8, 2012 Jackie Had a set of twin ewe lambs. I named them Elizabeth and Edith. Elizabeth was 13.67lbs and Edith was 10.40lbs. I want out to take pictures
at about 12pm and saw that Jackie was in Labor, so I brought her in. and that was the day I was going to get my new glasses. So I told mom to check on Jackie when I left. She went out there to check her at about 2:50pm and she had giving birth to twins.  So when I got back home she told me that I had a new set of twin out in the barn.  Also this was Jackie’s first Lambing. It’s rare that first time moms have twins their first lambing season. Jackie having twins made up for Ed.
      On Thursday March 15, 2012 Megan had a set of Shropshire / Suffolk cross twin. She had one boy and one girl. The boy was 15.49lbs and I named him Eric. The Girl was 14.79lbs and I named her Elaine. I was on the road to Tennessee. When Michael Lillie called and asked me if I was expecting any more lambs. And I told him yes. And he said that there was a new set of twins out in the field. I told him to bring them in and put them in a shall and just leave them there for a day or two. I also told him I had one more ewe to lamb. 
      On Friday March 16, 2012. Nancy Had a Single Lamb. He weighed a big 18.49lbs.

I named him Evan. He was born when I was in Tennessee too. Michael Lillie

found Nancy in the morning in Labor. So he called and said he left her in her pen.

And he would check on them later when he came back to fed in the evening. I

had to call the all the feeders to tell them that all the ewes had their lambs. And

when the new moms and the lambs could go outside. I had Lauren Huggins (that

fed on Saturday) weigh the new lambs and mark Nancy’s lamb with a blue dot. Because she is a nurse and works with babies. 
      So after all the lambs where born I had a total of 17 sheep. I had 9 older sheep (8 ewes and 1 ram) and 8 lambs 5 girls and 3 boys not including Ed. This was my best year lambing ever. 9 lambs are the most I’ve ever had and 8 are the most that lived.  In May, I give Black eyed Susan and Marcia to Holy Protection Monastery to milk. Then I sold my ram. In June, I take 7 (2 yearlings, 2 ewe lambs, and 3 wethers) sheep to the auction, because we were moving and I couldn’t bring all 17 with me.
On September 1, 2012 I took my 4 older ewes to get bred to the Taylor Young’s ram. The ram the ram bred Jackie 9-24 which makes her due around 2-16, and the ram bred Megan 9-28 which makes her due  around 2-20. The ram bred Jolene 9-26 which makes her due around 2-18; the ram bred Nancy 10-15 which makes her due around 3-9. There stayed at their house for 8 weeks. We want to get them on October 29, 2012.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Update on all 7 lambs

All the lambs are doing well. Still waiting for Nancy to lamb. Should be this week sometime.  Megan's lambs should get docked tomorrow. I tried Sunday after church but I needed mom's help. Jolene's lambs still need to there CDT Shots. I'm going to try to get more pictures tomorrow.

Picture's of Jolene's Twins