Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm Still Waiting For The Lambs

     I'm still waiting for lambs to come. Hopefully in the next few days. I'm about to  kill my ewes for making me  wait for the lambs to come. It's so hard to wait. I also want alot of lambs. but they need to be here by the March 14th or i will have to have someone babysitt them for 5 days.
    Last night was the first night the all the ewes had there own pen in the night. so they can get use to going to the right pen so i didn't have to put then in the right pen and sort out the lambs too. the Ram and the two ewe lambs stayed the night outside in the two fields.. The ram on one side and the ewe lambs on the other.
      This morning when i take hay out for the sheep. The Ram ( Herman) butted me.  I just have to look out tomorrow.... and maybe do the hay from the other side. i will keep you posted on the Lambs.

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