Monday, February 6, 2012

Shropshire the breed for all seasons.

and her all the RIGHT reasons 
  1. They are "easy keepers" and excel in feed efficiency!
  2. They are SUPER mothers!
  3. The Lambs grow fast and get to market early!
  4. Shropshire lamb carcasses are well-muscled and meaty!
  5. The ewes give birth easily; the New-born lambs are strong and Vigorous!
  6. Their gentle disposition and medium size make them easy to handle!
  7. Shropshire do well on pasture!
  8. Shropshire have lots of twins and Triplets!
  9.  The ewes live a long time and continue to Produce lambs until they are tem  years of age or more!
  10. Shropshire are ideal for Youth projects!
*Answers from a 1992 survey conducted by the American Shropshire Registry*

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